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Dear prayer team, thank you so much for your prayers! I have some encouraging news items that we can thank God together for:

We finished the consultant check of the Wanca translation of Ecclesiastes in just a day and a half! This is the product of a very experienced team working with a very experienced consultant (Mike, my mentor). Also, because of good access to study materials and plenty of time to review and dialogue via typed notes beforehand.

I was able to review Job 38 for the Panao translation team! Just the one chapter took me 10 hours.

All of the issues with paperwork and my residency have been taken care of. Peruvian Migrations is very organized and responsive!

Patty and I now have a confirmed date for our civil wedding! We will get married on Wednesday June 30th, 159 days after our previous date of January 22nd. The religious ceremony will be on Thursday July 1st, a day later.

Patty has finished the revisions to her thesis!
These are the next steps she anticipates:
1. Her academic advisor will review the edits for approval, and formally submit the revised work to the university
2. The university will review it and set a date for her to defend it before a panel of judges
3. Patty defends her thesis
4. The judges approve it
It will probably be at least two months before she defends.

Please pray:
-- For me as I review Job chapters 39-42. The work is very rewarding, but it is also mentally exhausting.
-- For continued health and recovery in Peru, resulting in a reduction of restrictions.
-- That the next steps in Patty's thesis would go as anticipated.
-- For wisdom and open doors as we plan the civil and religious weddings.
-- For wisdom for me as I seek to balance my work with my personal life during this busy season.

Finally, Patty and I thank you for all of your prayers for her thesis and our wedding process. It means so much to us!

How can we be praying for you?

Thank you and God bless,


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