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Dear prayer team,

Thank you so much for your prayers for Estrella and Jorge. Estrella is recovering well, though is understandably discouraged by the isolation and being apart from her husband. She expects to be discharged on the 20th, after her birthday. (We'll celebrate with a family videocall.)

Jorge continues to be in the fight. He is consuming five liters of oxygen per day, and his doctors tell him that today and the next few days will be the most intense. He is only allowed to use his cellphone for a few minutes a day.

Other prayer updates:
1. I did a detailed check of Job 38 and 39, making several dozen notes over the course of 19 hours. However, I requested help for the last three chapters due to my other responsibilities and the closeness of the wedding.
2. Please pray that Patty's academic advisor would prioritize reviewing her thesis revisions.
3. For continued wisdom and open doors as we plan the civil and religious weddings.
4. For Peru's electoral process and government transition. (99.563% of the votes have been counted and the winning party is ahead by 0.301%- 60,365 votes.)

Finally, we are so thankful to God for all of the help and prayers we are receiving from so many people for the wedding, and for the doors he is opening.

God bless,


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